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This kid. :D

…Never been tormented by a characters hair as much as Maliks. Good lord. I have no idea what I was thinking when I first designed him. 

We’re gettin’ closer to a redesign I like. :’]

Rough sketch of a hot-headed bull knight of sorts.

He may potentially be teased because of his armours striking resemblance to panties and a training bra. 

Growing up, Chance was reminded constantly of his mortality from the elders of the village. 

What is the concept of death to a child? What sort of individual do you think he grew up to be?

I think Bowser and Charizard would be the dorkiest baddie team

If I ever get another cat, I’d get a ragdoll … 

Cat ear Mack isn’t happy


Small lil bouncy october kitten~

super quick tvp test… still trying to figure out this program. i _i

/edit AHAHHA I just realized the last frames got cut off somehow, whoops. 

G’murnin’ , lets start with a doodle of miss snark and playing with blurs~

protect the light lil dude

The Little Catmaid.

Steven from Time Fcuk/Binding of Isaac! I’ve always loved his design since his debut on newgrounds way back when, very simple and memorable. 

Figure I’ll post little doodles here and there to get warmed up to posting back online again. Hope you don’t mind. : ]

Had different expectations? ;] 

Dijon is an engineer that loves coffee, karaoke and beautiful women. Betty is a reclusive and dangerous witch that resides in a swamp. Somehow they are acquainted with eachother, the latter displeased with that fact. 

Now, was this a nightmare…or a curse?

I’ve already served my time. HAHAHAHAHHAHA~

Dedicated to my young’un (and mature— age really doesn’t matter) followers headin’ back to school in a few. I’ll remain off in a small part of the internet pretending to be an adult; posting bad jokes while trying to pay off a monstrous debt.

Quickie of a Baobhan Sith.. which is probably inaccurate but what the hey. I always wanted to give sketch dailies a go. >:]