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protect the light lil dude

The Little Catmaid.

Steven from Time Fcuk/Binding of Isaac! I’ve always loved his design since his debut on newgrounds way back when, very simple and memorable. 

Figure I’ll post little doodles here and there to get warmed up to posting back online again. Hope you don’t mind. : ]

Had different expectations? ;] 

Dijon is an engineer that loves coffee, karaoke and beautiful women. Betty is a reclusive and dangerous witch that resides in a swamp. Somehow they are acquainted with eachother, the latter displeased with that fact. 

Now, was this a nightmare…or a curse?

I’ve already served my time. HAHAHAHAHHAHA~

Dedicated to my young’un (and mature— age really doesn’t matter) followers headin’ back to school in a few. I’ll remain off in a small part of the internet pretending to be an adult; posting bad jokes while trying to pay off a monstrous debt.

Quickie of a Baobhan Sith.. which is probably inaccurate but what the hey. I always wanted to give sketch dailies a go. >:]

I abused the “= ^_^=” face as often as periods in my entries.

Was there any emoticon you overused? : ]

Rusty and Chance; total BFFs . 

Mornin’ guys! Have a some sort of antler’d chap

This happened a couple weeks ago when my roommates and I ate out.

The general consensus I’ve received an entirety of my life is that I have a pretty scary neutral face. Teachers dubbed it ‘attitude problem’ while unbeknownst to them I was always lost in some train of thought… never purposely trying to be a dick. : ( 

jake-sketches whispered:
I love your art but I feel like I don't know a lot about your characters, is there anywhere online where you have information on them and their backstories? :)


I didn’t know what gif to use for this answer, tho this one resonates with me.

As -much- as I’ve been wanting to share details of their backstories, I’ve purposely refrained from doing so these last few years, tho you never know down the road. Until then they’re shrouded in mystery. ;] 

That aside, I’m a firm believer that the best and most fun way to get to know a character is thru their interactions with conflict/eachother. I don’t have said many works up yet, but down the road you’ll catch a glimpse and get to know them as I continue putting up the odd comic. :]

Mornin’ warmup with this big eared dork

starexorcist Aena wants some Deeg lovin' ~

Diego is a formidable foe, but what kind of man is he if he needs his 12 year old sister to save him from potential awkward interactions with the opposite gender? :]

Mornin’ warmup of Jane and Nein ~

jake-sketches whispered:
I've been following your art for a few years now, mostly on DA. I just wanted to say I've always loved your work but your most recent stuff has really matured into an awesome and unique style. I've always loved your work and found it inspiring but with the new stuff you're creating you're becomming one of my favourite artists :) keep it up, can't wait to see more


My goodness, thanks for your kind words and interest after all this time. D8 It still blows me away some of you guys have lingered around that long.

I honestly have no idea where my art is going to go, but hopefully it’ll continue to evolve and morph into something tasteful. Or primal and unnerving, that’s always a bonus too.

I remember checking out your page and I -loved- your sense of shape/design choice and instafollow’d. So thanks on your end for sharing. >:]